About Blue Alkaline Farms Plan

Blue Alkaline Farms Plan

“Euriccoin is Backed by Gold Concession”

The Stakeholders of Euriccoin, Blue Alkaline Farms is well poised for implementing its business vision and plans to establish its cryptocurrency in the world markets as a recognized standard.

Blue Alkaline Farms via its Joint Venture Partners which includes a Dominican Republic Mining Corporation, exists as one of the largest land based concession holder of mineral rights in the Dominican Republic. Its partners are one of the oldest and most renowned families related to the Country of the Dominican Republic. The concessions were awarded back in September of 2006, first was “La Guazuma” in August, under the name of “Rocas y Minerales“ and second was “La Jabilla” in September, under the name “Cubierta Dominicana CxA”.

After incorporating their mining company, with the Government in October of 2011, both concession “La Guazuma, and La Jabilla” were transferred into the newly formed corporation who have partnered with the appropriate investors to raise the funds needed for all the preliminary surveys, studies, and taxes.

The Blue Alkaline Farms/Euriccoin Joint Venture is to raise the funds to finish an NI 43-101 Report, and obtain the lines of credit, and partner with mining companies to implement the entire exploration of the two concessions that are backing the Initial Coin Offering Value that shall be securitized.

Michael Singleton is Co-founder of Blue Alkaline Farms where we grow environmentally protective organic crops that help to preserve Mother Earths delicate balance.

Crops include HEMP, Moringa/The Ultimate health sustain-er, both crops have nutritional and medicinal properties. Consider this industry, including our venture to generate a seed vault for the indigenous, as blockchains supporting our Euriccoin ICO.

In addition to growing hemp, our Euriccoin ICO is backed by gold.

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Until then, take care!

Enre (aka Jennifer Patton)

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