Blue Alkaline Farms Legal Euriccoin ICO Reg A+ Offering

Blue Alkaline Farms Legal Euriccoin ICO
Reg A+ Offering

Euriccoin aims to become the worlds most well-trusted token in the agricultural and the gold mining communities.

Here’s what sets Euriccoin apart from the rest:

Euriccoin is a Legal ICO. And you may want to know what makes it so ….

What is a Legal ICO?

Blue Alkaline Farms has come up with a regulatory compliant process to conduct an ICO. 

We believe that investors should have some equity ownership in any company that launches its own token. 

The U.S. currently has Regulation vehicles in place that will allow companies to conduct compliant ICO(s) or mini IPO(s).

Euriccoin is compliant in all regulatory areas.

Euriccoin Specifics…

Euriccoin is an alternative cryptocurrency that is launching after the success of Bitcoin. Generally, other coins project themselves as better substitutes to Bitcoin. However, we see Euriccoin as counterpart to Bitcoin. Our success will be because of what Bitcoin has established as the first peer-to-peer digital currency which has paved the way for Euriccoin to follow. Many Altcoins (alternatives to Bitcoin) are trying to target any perceived limitations that Bitcoin has, and indeed some have come up with newer versions, having slightly different competitive advantages. Although there are a great variety of Altcoins, not many of them focus on niche markets like Euriccoin is designed to do. Learn more here 

Euriccoin and PPM (Private Placement)

What is a Private Placement Memorandum or PPM? Lean more here

Blue Alkaline Farms the parent company of Euriccoin is  currently entertaining qualified U.S. investors for our Private Placement Memorandum offer. We are using this platform to test the waters in preparation of filing the necessary documents to launch a Reg A+ Offering.

Euriccoin ICO and VC Advantage

ICOs are a buzz word right now for two reasons; the huge sums of money of raised via ICOs (more than $3 billion), which has exceeded the venture-capital funding in 2017 so far; controversy surrounding the regulatory stances of such entities as the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Peoples Bank of China towards ICOs. 

Our landmark offerings aims to redefine the way the ICO market looks at security tokens, and enhance liquidity to accelerate market development. Lack of liquidity has been a significant impediment to security token market development,” said Blue Alkaline Farms interim CEO. 

An ICO can be considered the crypto version of the IPO (Initial Public Offering).  Just as IPOs raise money through shares issued, an ICO is a mechanism through which tokens (or coins) are sold to raise funds for a project. However, instead of fiat currency, Bitcoin (BTC) or Ethereum (ETH) are used to buy these tokens on a blockchain platform. These virtual tokens are then listed on a virtual currency exchange where they can be bought or sold.  With ICO blockchain offerings surpassing traditional early stage VC (Venture Capital Funding) and U.S. regulators seeking legitimate regulated mechanisms to support security token offerings, with this Blue Alkaline Farms continues to maintain compliance with the U.S. securities Laws in order for Euriccoin to become a well recognized and utilized altcoin (cryptocurrency alternatives).  

Other names for cryptocurrency (digital money, digital currency, Internet money)

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