What is Euriccoin?

What is Euriccoin?

Euriccoin is a digital currency slated for an Initial Coin Offering (ICO), which is
basically the same as an Initial Public Offering (IPO) but instead with the digital
currency (Euriccoin) being valued and securitized.

What is the Euriccoin present status?

The prerequisites for establishing the creation, mining, and securitization of a
digital currency has been met for the Euriccoin and therefore it is in its final phase
of crowd funding for securitization purposes.

What method of Crowd Funding is being implemented for the Euriccoin?

The method of crowd funding being implemented is a SuSu Economic Cooperative
Program that utilizes a 4×4 forced matrix format.

How does the cooperative program work?

The cooperative program is membership based and works through a 4×4 forced
matrix networking platform. It exists to generate access and participation Initial
Coin Offerings.

Why would anyone need membership to access the Initial Coin Offerings?

Prior to an ICO taking place, the founders and supporting members take on the
task of creating value in their Asset (Euriccoin). This collective effort drives the
value of the Asset up prior to the ICO date. Membership incentives include
issuance of Euriccoins and discounted Euriccoins prior to the ICO date where the
value of the Asset becomes based on its current demand when circulated in the

When is the Euriccoin expected to go into circulation?

The expected date is in the Month of November 2017

What are the duties and obligations of membership?

The member’s only duties and obligations are to implement the 4×4 matrix
system provided for the successful generation of cooperative funding that will
increase the activity of and drive the value of the Euriccoin prior to its public/coin
offering date.

What is the advantage of using a 4×4 matrix system?

The 4×4 matrix system allows each member to generate significant numbers of
participants, who in turn, make a one-time membership payment of $10.00 to the
member that networked them in. Each member is issued a number of Euriccoins
based on the numbers of levels attained, in addition to the membership fees.

What Social needs are being met by the Founder of Euriccoin?

Since the world is moving into the age of crypto currency, many people especially
those of indigenous descent are not familiar with the implications of not being
positioned to own digital currency. The social need is being met by introducing
the concept, the markets, and providing access to a system by which monies are
pooled by individuals to create the means to purchase and push the Euriccoin
from its inception to its ICO date. Owners of the Euriccoin will experience a
financial transformation after the date of its ICO.

Who is the Founding Executive of Euriccoin?

Michael Singleton is Co-founder of Blue Alkaline Farms where we grow environmentally protective organic crops that help to preserve Mother Earths delicate balance.  Crops include HEMP, Moringa/The Ultimate health sustain-er, both crops have nutritional and medicinal properties. Consider this industry, including our venture to generate a seed vault for the indigenous, as blockchains supporting our Euriccoin ICO.

In addition to growing hemp, our Euriccoin ICO is backed by gold.


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