How Euriccoin Is Structured

How Euriccoin Is Structured

We are GIFTING 18,000 Shares AND 18,000 Coins via our Sponsorship Plan (deadline Nov. 15, 2017)

Yes, you read that right! THOUSAND! And here’s why:

1. We are “Team Pro”, a Marketing Association participating in a Crowdfunding project, who makes it possible for Individuals to become millionaires (in cryptocurrency).

2. To do so we are following the legislative provisions of The Jobs Act of 2012 (…/Jumpstart_Our_Business_Startups_…)

3. In addition to the above legislative provision we follow Regulation A, now referred to as “A Plus”. (

4. We are following Legislative Provisions and Security & Exchange rules “from a grassroots approach” to accomplish what the Big Money Boys (e.g. Hedge Funds) are doing, which is LAUNCHING OUR OWN INITIAL COIN OFFERING! That’s right “our own ICO”. (

5. An ICO is the same as an IPO (Initial Public Offering) where WE take our Coin/Business to the Public Market to sell shares, the same as Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Apple, IBM, and many others did whose founders are Billioniares and Millionaires after doing so. We are heading in the same direction with our Coin called the “Euriccoin”.

Now that you know HOW we’re approaching it (LEGALLY), and why we’re approaching it from a “grassroots vantage point” is because we must generate enough capital at the grassroots level to fund the legal filings and manage the crowdfunding efforts in order to do so.

If you’ve taken the time to review the sources provided above to clearly see that WE KNOW WHAT WE’RE DOING, you should have no problem seeing that we shall accomplish our mission of making ourselves “Cryptonaires” (Billionaires and Millionaires in Cryptocurrencies).

Feel free to share this email with your closest friends, loved ones and families because this is truly “an opportunity of a lifetime” to be invited to participate in an ICO via membership, as opposed to following those who are only participating in exchanges, as purchasers of Cryptocurrencies at market value. Simply search past events of how IPO’s (Google, Yahoo, etc.) made overnight Billionaires and Millionaires of its members, as opposed to those pursuing the same goal through exchanges.

By the way, I’m Jennifer Patton. Feel free to contact me directly at 216.861.1277,  if you have any question’s or concerns before joining us.  Also, feel free to check-out ways in which I can assist you our  your marketing campaigns, in case you choose to do Internet or Digital Marketing to promote Euriccoin of any business or interest you may have. I would also be happy to duplicate my blog site here at at half the cost compared to other website-building businesses, to be linked to your replicated site. The value in having your very own website is that it’ll set you apart as a professional.  There’s more to grow-on, and I’ll be more than glad to assist anyone on my Digital86 team.


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Until then, take care!

Enre (aka Jennifer Patton)

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